Summer 'Camps' / Ages 3-15

Summer 'Camps' / Ages 3-15


Experience our ‘Sports & Games’ camp, in an environment of sheer positivity and empowerment! We have the following age group options ‘FUNdamentals’ (Ages 3-5), ‘Skills N Thrills’ (Ages 6-9) and ‘Compete to Complete’ (Ages 10+).


• 9-9-9.15am : Welcomes / introduction to the Proventus camp methods (Explanation of the sport & skill of the day). Campers divided into age-groups

• 9.15-10.15am : Basic exercises practicing the skill of the day (Ex: Lacrosse / passing)

• 10.15-10.20am : Water Break

• 10.20-11.30am : Exercises progressing on the skill of the day (Ex: Passing with time based challenges, vs defenders) to create realism.

• 11.30-12 noon : Lunch

• 12-1.15pm : 'Camp style' Fun Games (Capture the flag, World Cup, Penalty shootouts) - Allowing the kids some fun time on camp.

• 1.15-1.30pm : Water Break / Quizzes / Challenges

• 1.30-2pm : The skill of the day (Ex: Lacrosse passing) coached into real game play situations vs opposition.

• 2-3pm Game Play - 5v5 matches

• 3pm review of the days sport/skill - Description of the following days sport/skill. Departures

The ‘Sports & Games’ curriculum uses a different sport each day for the participants to focus on: Soccer, Lacrosse, T-Ball/Baseball, along with many of the favorite ‘camp games’ that kids enjoy! Our camp environment is packed with positivity, great morals, and coaches that will develop skills and empower your child!.

What length of day should I choose?

Below are the time options available for your registrations - you can choose whatever time length you are comfortable with. We are guided by how long you feel your child can last.

  • FUNdamentals (ages 3-5) - 1.5 Hours

  • Half Day - 2 Hours

  • Full Day - 4 Hours

  • Full Day Extended - 6 Hours

All equipment will be present at the camp. Campers are asked to bring sports clothing, and plenty of water. your child will need snacks and a lunch where applicable. (Shin guards and cleats are recommended) *PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY PEANUT RELATED FOOD ON CAMP - in the event of allergies!

Summer Camp Locations in:

Madison - Summerhill Park, 185 Ridgedale ave (Grass)

Summit - Glenside Field, 144 Glenside ave (Turf)

Chatham - Sunvalley Way - 1317 Sunvalley Way - Off of passaic ave. (Grass)

Millburn - TBD

*Ask about our - Multi-Registration and referral programs discounts.

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